Golden Era (Brass Rave X Kauw)

Vintage house en rave. Pas op! Het Amsterdamsche Dance Event ADE formuleerde het zo: “KAUW & Brass Rave are two trios that make forays into electronic dance music, going boldly where no DJ-act has gone before. With the longevity, sleek synths and steady builds of Kauw and the brass knuckle punches of Brass Rave Unit these two acts will team up for a one-off tribute set to the Golden Era of Dance Music, long before the oppressive dominance of techno and minimal house. Golden Era (Brass Rave x Kauw) present an energetic throwback to the golden era of house and rave music from the ‘90s.”

Daarom staan ze nu op ons festival in Geleen na eerder o.a. op Glastonbury en Into The Great Wide Open. Verwacht explosieve raves; ongekend feestelijk. U zijt gewaarschuwd.

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